Is an exclusive club really complete without some tangible item to signify membership?


Just as Skull and Bones has a logo ring, I propose members receive an

affordably priced but expensive looking lapel pin that would promote the 

 image of an established entity while helping spread the club's "mystique." 




This would be a custom, "antiqued" die struck pin.


How would this be taken by your crowd? I've found that no matter how sophisticated or how

much they deny it, people secretly like to have items that reflect status and exclusivity.


"Where can I get one of those?"  "Sorry, it's invitation only."


If you think this is a good idea, I'd give them to members in a very understated way,

perhaps pinned to their name tag or on the dinner place cards without comment.


This would track with the spirit of Skull and Bone"


An example of an actual pin:


Pricing, click here  to visit site: